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to advanced solutions— all in one place.

the complete ecosystem developed for real estate agents

Take Your Business Where It Needs To Go

Our goal is to provide the tools necessary to help agents engage with their customer's more quickly & easily and to improve the overall customer experience while helping those same agents grow through effective digital marketing.

Run Advertisements Where It Counts

Reach new customers and impress home owners looking for an agent.

Get the tools you need to effectively run multi-channel ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, with DFY, proven templates.

Run campaigns for new listings & more (brand ads available with exclusive membership)

Automate Your Lead Efforts With Ease

Your All-In-One communication hub to create sales funnels, websites, marketing automation, email nurture, sms campaigns, phone calls, reporting, and more.


Convert more website visitors into leads & sales conversations with Webchat.

Implement on your existing website, or build and host landing pages with AM Connect templates

Email Marketing

Send regular emails to clients, start a newsletter and use email templates.

Turn Missed Calls Into New Opportunities

Have AM Connect follow up automatically via text when you miss a call, so you never lose another customer because you weren't able to pick up.

Improve Your Customer Experience

The CRM feature is fully adaptable to your workflow. Send status updates automatically, organize your buyers and sellers with unlimited contacts and users.

Appointment Scheduling & Open House Digital Check in

Our booking system takes qualified leads and turns them into sales calls.

You can also check in and capture visitors information digitally for your open houses.

Boost Your Digital Presence

Create targeted landing pages, websites and blogs all in one spot. Use AI to help write the copy for them!

Rank Higher

Get more reviews automatically and Boost your SEO. Turn maps, voice assistants, GPS apps, and local directories into a valuable marketing channel.

Not Every Agent Has Time To:

👉🏽 Manage reviews and reputation after every completed sale.

👉🏽 Be a marketing expert while also running your business at the same time.

👉🏽 Easily send reactivation offers to your existing contacts for low-cost re-marketing.

👉🏽 Create social media ads and follow along with each process update

We understand the challenges you face. As a small business ourselves, our mission is to provide you with a game-changing, customized approach that not only grows your business but also saves you valuable time, eliminating the guesswork often associated with marketing.

We are not just another ad generation or CRM software company. We are a full service digital agency committed to helping you elevate your brand, connect with your local audience, and ensure your business thrives. We empower you to focus on what you love to do best.


What Do Other Agents Have To Say?

"I have been using AM Connect for a few months now and absolutely love it. It's far better than other CRMs I've used. It has automated some of the more time consuming task for me, such as follow up with prospects, which is what I love most"

- MA/NH Real Estate Agent

"We have been working with Jon for a few years now and couldn’t ask for a better partner. Whenever we need something changed or tweaked, Jon always goes above and beyond to accommodate our requests. I cannot recommend Aeropex enough!"

- MA/NH Real Estate Agent

"The team have been so integral to the success of my business!

They have helped me to create a brand and connect with my clients on a super personal level"

- MA Real Estate Agent

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Why pay an agency big money to run your sales & marketing when you can run it yourself in just a few clicks for a whole lot less?

We Created AM Connect For You.

Born from years of experience helping real estate agents.

Before AM Connect, we worked with agents to market their listings and their businesses.

Through years of working with agents, observing the real estate industry and understanding the common obstacles that agents face, we developed AM Connect as a solution to empower agents and alleviate struggles and pain points.


One Place For Your Marketing.

Lock in your rate for life.

Social Media Ad management not included

Real Estate Essentials Plan

  • Reputation management

  • Unified Messaging Inbox

  • Webchat

  • Auto Missed Call Text Back

  • Email & SMS Marketing*

  • Appointment Booking

  • Social Media Planner & Scheduler

  • Blogging

  • Funnels/Landing Pages

  • CRM

  • ChatGPT integrated **

  • Onboarding support and setup call

Today Just


*$10 credit monthly. Email, SMS and phone calls are about $ 0.0007 per u nit

**AI is an additional .09 per 1,000 words

Ads are an additional $197/m

SEO listings are an additional $35/m

+ Listing Campaigns

  • Run social media ads for your listings and open houses

  • Pre built templates launched within AM Connect

  • Launch your ads without opening Facebook in a few clicks

  • Automatic inquiry follow up

  • Available after sign-up as an add on for $149/m

$349/month + ad spend

Pillar Marketing by AM Creative

⭐️ Exclusive Real Estate Marketing Program ⭐️

  • Gain trust in your community and become more visible

  • A proven strategy and accountability that keeps you on track

  • Social Media advertising and retargeting campaigns

  • IDX Integrations

  • Follow up with your inquiries automatically

  • Exclusivity in your area - only one agent can join per location

  • Build your business long term

  • Monthly strategy calls and guidance

  • Done for you setup

Today Just

$897/month + ad spend

*$10 credit monthly. Email, SMS and phone calls are about $ 0.0007 per u nit

**AI is an additional .09 per 1,000 words

SEO listings are an additional $35/m

Summary of Key terms of service:

Account Usage: Your AM Connect account is for your own business use. You can operate more than one business that you own in whole or in partnership from one AM Connect account, but sharing your account with a business you don't own is not allowed and may result in termination.

Email Marketing Policy: We require professional, domain-based email addresses for all marketing emails sent from our application. You must maintain a clean subscriber list and honor removal requests within 30 days.

A2P 10DLC Compliance: You are responsible for ensuring your SMS business communications comply with A2P 10DLC regulations. We provide tools to assist with this, but these tools do not guarantee compliance and you are responsible for using them correctly.

Intellectual Property: The content and features of the Service are the exclusive property of the Company. They are protected by copyright, trademark, and other laws.

Results of Services: The results of our services can vary based on a multitude of factors, including market conditions, the specifics of your business, and the effort and resources you put into implementing the strategies and processes we suggest. While we aim to provide the best tools, strategies, and advice to help your business succeed, we cannot guarantee specific results or outcomes. It is your responsibility to effectively utilize our services and to adapt and respond to your specific business circumstances.

This is just a summary. We strongly encourage you to read our full Terms of Service to fully understand all the terms and conditions of using our Service.


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I locked in to a contract?

There are no contracts! If you choose the monthly plan, you may cancel at any time and billing will not renew for the next month. If you choose the yearly plan, you may cancel at any time and billing will not renew for the next year.

How much set up is involved?

Since AM Connect is totally customizable to your brand and processes, a commitment to setting it up with your branding is required. We make this as easy as possible with an onboarding course as well as offering free onboarding set up calls. Most clients can have our system up and running within a day or two.

Can this replace software I already pay for?

Yes it can! From email and SMS marketing to scheduling to CRM, website hosting and more. AM Connect can replace and unifies a lot of the software you may be paying for already.

Free 7 Day Trial

Create your free account and try it for yourself to see how you like it!

Cancel before day 7 and you won't be charged ( $1 temporary authorization applied at setup)

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